A connection from the Remote Apps to your Desktop App should always work - also in DEMO mode!

If you cannot establish a connection to the Live Score desktop application please check the following list.

The new Connection Doctor within your iOS Apps helps to you debug problems.

  • Are you connected to the same network?
    Please make sure that you are on the same network.
    If you are using Parallels on a MAC, please verify that you have "Bridged Network - Default Adapter" configured in your network setting, or the new "WIFI" in current versions of Parallels.

  • Is your iOS Remote Control input enabled
    You can turn it ON in the main navigation in "Inputs" > "Remote Controls".

  • Did you press "Start" in your Live Score desktop application?

  • Have you provided a password for your remote controls and is it correct?

  • If none above did work, it might be your Firewall settings on your Live Score computer.
    Turn it off and try again (please remember to turn it on again if you need it).
    Also keep in mind, that Windows has different firewalls for private and public networks.
    You might want to turn off all of them to test your connection.

  • Try to use the Connection Doctor within the iOS Apps

If none worked, try to download an external app like Network Ping Lite and see if your iOS device can connect to your computer in your network.