The demo version of the iOS apps do not provide access to all buttons. So some buttons are disabled.

But you can fully test these if you want!

Please start by requesting a trial license of the Desktop App here: 

Then open the Desktop App and add your trial license, after you have received it in an email.

Now open the main menu "Help -> Unlock Device Evaluation".

This opens a QR code in the Desktop App.

Open your iOS Live Score App and press the logo above the connection/login form approx. 6-8 seconds.
This opens a hidden camera scanner.

Scan the QR code of your Desktop App.

Your iOS app is now unlocked for testing for 1 day.

You can repeat this step until your trial license expires.

Please ensure that you don't mix up the "unlocking feature" with the "Quick Connect" feature.
These are 2 different QR codes within the desktop application.